Leather-Muskie-SealHere at The MUSKIE LIFE we are dedicated to promoting all things related to the apex predator – the most challenging and exciting fish in freshwater – Esox Masquinongy!  The muskellunge. Referred to as MUSKIE!!

Whether you are an ardently devoted muskie fisherman or new to the sport, we are here to support your pursuit of muskie as the ultimate challenge in fresh water fishing.

Be it casting or trolling there is no more exhilarating, all consuming, enjoyable, perplexing, or addicting angling experience than fishing for muskie. From boat side figure eight strikes to explosive head shaking, arm jarring leaps, startling topwater explosions, broken lines, rods and hearts, pursuing this denizen of the deep can become an all consuming obsession.  We at The MUSKIE LIFE understand and support you. We LOVE the challenge of chasing Mr. Esox…

At The MUSKIE LIFE you’ll find everything Muskie. Photos, posts, blogs, videos, products, merchandise, suggestions, advice, interaction, and anything we can find to help you become more successful in your quest to catch muskie.

We at The MUSKIE LIFE indeed honor and celebrate this magnificent creature. 

Live the life… The Muskie Life!!

Christian Laettner
Founder – The MUSKIE LIFE
NCAA All-American, NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist & Life Long Muskie Enthusiast

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